Headphone Bluetooth/Sport In-ear Stereo REMAX RB-S29

148,000 Kip

Remax RB-S29 Wireless V5.0 sports bluetooth headset, 9H continuous battery - Official distributor Remax RB-S29 V5.0 Bluetooth Headset is a Bluetooth headset equipped with many interesting features with neat and simple design. Easily grabs the user's attention immediately. The headset has a necklace that makes it easy for users to use in indoor, outdoor, sports activities without worrying about the headphones falling off like some other headphones. The left side of the headset is designed with extremely handy navigation keys such as volumn, call, microphone to help users easily manipulate right on the headset. Both the head and the headphone cord are machined from environmentally friendly materials, so they don't cause skin irritation when using. Like most in-ear headphones, RB-S29 V4.1 Bluetooth headset is also equipped with silicone ear tips, ensuring users feel comfortable, smooth to enjoy the most lively music space. In addition, the headset supports modern Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with a connection distance of up to 10m, allowing users to comfortably listen to music and talk anywhere in the above range. The battery capacity on the headset has a capacity of 130mAh providing continuous use time up to 9 hours while it only takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery. Remax RB-S29 V5.0 Bluetooth Headset has the ultimate sound quality. Enjoy a breathtakingly enjoyable musical experience with rich bass. Not only that, the built-in microphone on the headset has almost absolute noise cancellation, supporting users to comfortably listen to calls in any circumstances. In terms of size, the Remax RB-S29 V5 Bluetooth headset. 0 is quite compact in size, especially weighing only 34g, completely does not feel heavy when worn for the user. The headset comes in two colors, black and white, so you can freely choose the headset that suits your preferences. Brand: Remax Model: RB-S29 Color: White, Black Bluetooth version: V5.0 IPX6 Waterproof IP6X Dustproof Standby time: 130H Playtime: 9H Charging time: 2H Approx transmission way: 10m Battery capacity: 105MAH 12 MONTHS WARRANTY BY STAMP OR ORDER NUMBER