Speaker Karaoke Bluetooth REMAX RB-X6 / 2Mic

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Speaker pull remax RB-X6 with 2 wireless microphones round design - Speaker pull karaoke remax X6 heard over 5 hours. 1. INTRODUCTION REMAX X6 Bluetooth Speaker RB-X6 is a new choice suitable for those who love compactness and still need high quality sound with high power. 2. REMAX RB-X6 CHARACTERISTICS + Luxurious, powerful and eye-catching design The first highlight of the Remax RB-X6 bluetooth speaker puller is the eye-catching design. It is no exaggeration to say that, if you look from a distance, you will see they are like a mobile suitcase with quite subtle design details. Unique and modern speaker design - In addition, the Remax RB-X6 wireless speaker is equipped with a pull handle + portable wheels, making it easy to move anywhere, anytime. You can actively use or store them easily. - Besides, The speaker corners are also reinforced with screws to increase the durability and endurance of the speakers, worthy of the busy party luggage to go anywhere, anywhere: party, party, event. , phoning - camping ... + Small speakers but large capacity Unique design is easy to see, but, right now we will together give evaluation on the sound quality of the bluetooth speaker Remax RB-X6 is impressive. - Do not underestimate a compact speaker like the Remax RB-X6 because it is difficult to see a speaker that can do the same thing. Compact size but admittedly, power up to 51W is also counted as powerful and for loud sound quality. - With this capacity, the speaker can effectively play in a range of about less than 15m, but if you want to hear the best sound, then 10m is considered OK. The best and most vivid sound quality The sound frequency range that the speaker pulls Remax RB-X6 works is from 20Hz ~ 20KHz (+ 2dB), combining speaker power up to 51W to deliver extremely loud sound , clearly. One highlight that cannot be ignored is that the driver is subtly reinforced with high-quality materials and so the bass that the speaker gives is extremely positive. The bass is low but still does not lose the clarity of the sound. 3. SPECIFICATION Model: RB-X6 Brand: Remax Power: 51W Bluetooth technology: 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth connection distance: 10m Input: DC15V Color: Black Origin: Hongkong + WARRANTY - Side headphones Shop warranty 06 months "Products must be complete and accessories with a box, not scratched" Then warranty. - The shop side supports shipping within 1 week from the date of purchase. - One-way shipping support within a month. - Electronic products have 1% error, so many times customers sympathize. ---- SHOP specializes in PHONE ACCESSORIES & AUDIO EQUIPMENT & CAMERA - MIC RECORDING. #loa #loakeokeo #loakeo # remaxrb-x6 # remaxx6 # loakeoremaxx6 # loakeox6 #tiendung #sieuthidientu # buitiendung02112016 #loaremaxchinhhang # loax6 #loakaraok #loadidong # remaxrb-x6