Webcam FullHD 1080p / Mic USB Lenovo Lecoo WEC02/Manual-Focus

1080P fixed focus, built-in microphone (with anti-peeping function), image sensor: using a new generation of CMOS sensor. Driver-free support system: Windows XP Vista sp2 Windows 7/8/10
252,000 Kip

Brand: Lecoo (by Lenovo)
Model: WEC02/Manual-Focus

  • Specifications

Recommended resolution: 1920*1080. Static pixels: 200W pixels (software support required) Ⓥ. Dynamic pixels: 200W pixels. Rate: 30fps/s in VGA mode. Output format: USB2.0 using uncompressed YUY2 or MJPG. Interface type: USB2.0 High Speed (Isochronous). Ⓥ Illumination requirements: 150Lux for best effect, 2Lux for the minimum. Imaging distance: 50MM~infinity. Flicker control: 50HZ or 60HZ. Still image capture storage format: BMP/JPEG/PNG. Dynamic picture capture storage format: AVI/WMV. Operating temperature: -10-40 degrees. USB transmission specification: USB2.0.